25 Feb 2015

Soccer Game

As I was looking for nodeJS examples to get some inspiration for my bot I came across this amazing nodeJS soccer game. I thought it was a very nice way of using simple shapes and gestures to play a multiplayer game online. I also liked that it is all online in javascript and html. it makes it more assessable to other and I think inter actives are going to start moving all towards the web given that it is growing in strength! Here is the well documented blog the creator Gabriel did:

SPHERE: videomapping installation

For my final project I am thinking on doing something in relation with projection mapping. I have always water to and I am thinking on taking this opportunity to finally do it. With this in mind I found this mind blowing experience. I love the idea of using a real object in the canvas as part of the story the projection mapping is telling. It makes it look SOO real!!! I really got inspired by using real objects in the scene to create something. How the light interacts with the object is different, more crisp, i just loved it!