Alex Sciuto

24 Feb 2015

Example Bots

Camptown Races,
Egress Methods,

Markov Chains

Classic technique in text generation. Since the 1960s.


Basis is n-gram – smarting : [“sm”, “ma”, “ar”, .. “ng”]

Markov Modeler Pyton
import markov
text = open('../text.txt').read()
model = markov.model(text, 3)
print ''.join(markov.generate(model, 3))

Context Free Grammar

Define the structure of a grammar you want to emulate. Diagram a sentence. Hierarchy and recursion of sentences.

That dog laughed.
That dog over there laughed.
That do I told you about yesterday—the insolent one—laughed.

***Simple grammar***
Sentence => Noun Phrase + Verb Phrase
Noun Phrase => "the" + noun
Verb Phrase => verb
Noun => "dog"
Very => "barked"
***Slightly Less Simple Grammar***
Sentence => [Noun Phrase + Verb Phrase]
Noun Phrase => ["the" + noun, "the" + Adjective + Noun]
Verb Phrase => [Verb, Verb + Noun Phrase] 
Noun => ["dog", "cat"]
Verb => ["barked"]
Adjective => ["brown"]

CMU Rhyming Dictionary