19 Feb 2015

Yuri Suzuki: Tube Map Radio


For this piece, designer Yuri Suzuki recreated the map of London’s subway as a working electrical circuit. The piece is a working radio with all of it’s components exposed and organized as a drawing. Looking forward to the semester capstone project, I was hoping to do some drawings on proto-boards. A form of printmaking where I would create the drawings using Cadence (software) and get the designs sent to a lab for printing. I searched to see if this had been done before and stumbled upon this project, which is related. Instead of just using the electric paths as line, this piece considers and incorporates their intended purpose, as pathways for flow. If this is the project that I will pursue, the imagery will be very important.

Leonardo Ulian: Technological Mandala Seriestechnological-mandala-31_20141120_1802556322

Another related project. Here ignoring the conventional use of these materials in pursuit of pattern. To be honest, this is the project that I prefer, and the route that I would want to take. It uses these components for their materiality as opposed to their utility. I’m really impressed at the transformation and really excited about the possibilities of working with proto board layout.