Aprameya Mysore

03 Apr 2016

I am really interested in the the fractal fantasy series of music videos




I happen to really like the musicians that are participating in this project, but the visuals i find really astounding. I’m also quite partial to the aesthetic used by a lot of the visual artists in this project, but the idea of an interactive music video with these textures is very enthralling to me. Some of the music videos in this series are VR compatible, which honestly might be a bit gimmicky but I think the aesthetic is strong enough that it works for me. I recall kyle mcdonald told me about a music video by studio moniker called ‘donottouch.org’ which he claimed to be his favorite music video ever. I think the interaction in donottouch is much more interesting, but I’m so sold on the overall look of these fractal fantasy videos that I’m steadfast in my preference.