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Oliver Daids

02 Feb 2016



Description: Is still sending things and has yet to have Oliver Daids fix it.

This image bot falls in the “Feed” category of Cook’s taxonomy. It provides a noninteractive one-directional stream of content. The main aesthetic …

Oliver Daids

18 Jan 2016

World Capitals Voronoi by Jason Davies

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.45.59 PM

View interactive globe here:


The above map is a spherical Voronoi diagram that partitions Earth based on proximity to a nation’s capital.  Every point is colored based on what capital it is

Oliver Daids

14 Jan 2016

Probable Universe is a robotic arm projecting an overlay mixing computer generated and pre-recorded video back on to the surrounding room while audio introducing some ideas of quantum physics plays in the background.  The projection system is aware of