Chelsea Kwong

02 Feb 2016

Le Vent Nous Portera (the wind will cary us) is an interactive installation by Alexander Letcius and Bulat Sharipov. It uses Kinect and TouchDesigner to mirror the audience on a screen, rendering an abstract form of the audience that is made of mysterious flying creatures. The position of audience’s hands is tracked and allows bright lights to follow them, when two people face each other and their hands extend towards each other, a magnificent scene unfolds before the audience’s eyes. I find the installation very captivating and magical; it allows for a surreal experience in a digital wilderness that is even more wonderful and adventurous than the real, natural wilderness. I would’ve liked the sounds in the installation to be softer, I get the feeling of wonder and mystery with the current sounds, but I feel as though it would be a soothing and more comfortable experience if the music was softer and not as loud, to make the installation seem more realistic and tranquil.