@yourevalued – The Compassion Bot

I don’t know whether it would help or hurt your self-esteem to hear “I like you” from a Twitter bot when you’re feeling depressed. But either way, @yourevalued will try to cheer you up. @yourevalued is a quirky, compassion-spreading bot that searches for the keywords “nobody likes me” in people’s tweets and responds with stock messages like “You matter” and “<3”. What I like about this bot is its interaction with users. @yourevalued engages with Twitter users and hints at what bots could be like in the future. It is a proof of concept for more intelligent bots that could use natural language processing to interpret user’s tweets and respond with something more meaningful. Also, it’s interesting how the responses are short and simple, juxtaposing the solemn original tweet. This contrast makes it really funny because often when we say “nobody likes me,” we’re exaggerating the situation.