Zaria Howard

11 Feb 2016

For the image database exploration I continued my interest in subway systems and subway paths. One thing I really wanted to explore was the google maps API and the whole security camera aesthetic through the grid. I like my project because to me it’s like you’re peering into a space which you’re not supposed to have access to. And since it updates approximately every few minutes you still get the ephemeral secret camera vibe from the project. One thing I wish i pushed further was actually telling the story of what these images were. To expand on this project, I think I’d like to have a legend which tells you which subway stations are being displayed. Additionally I’d probably place a limit of a 5×5 viewing grid so that the viewer isn’t overwhelmed. In addition I’d find someway to label the picture. But also I think i should have been more deliberate about the views that I’m capturing. Right now the viewing angles are random because I wasn’t sure how to achieve the uniformity that I aspired to in my last post. I think the project could have definitely benefitted from some careful curation of pictures, so I might upload a database of pictures taken first hand in the event that I go to NYC and update the code accordingly.

Link to the project can be found here:

Demo Video for the project can be found here: