Zaria Howard

20 Feb 2016

So one thing I am really struggling with so far is the use of javascript, node.js, processing, and p5.js. I seem to get my tools mixed up pretty frequently. Nevertheless I am learning a lot about processing images from other sources. I am getting my images from google street view. Because my project mostly concerns detecting underground nyc subway station signs downtown, the main algorithm I need to compose answers: How do i know when i’ve seen the subway sign? Visually this object is important for me to find because it is unifying amongst the major of the stations. Viewed together it almost gives me the aesthetic feelings of Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans. I want the commercialism and capitalism themes of that project integrated with urban aesthetics and real-time experiences. One thing I was considering was for me to hand curate all the photos that have the aesthetic I want and only show trains approaching the stations I have photos for. Google Image Samples can be seen above.