Zaria Howard

16 Mar 2016

So my project was inspired by my love of legos when I was younger. One thing I was looking around for was a lego building application, I wanted to do something similar and possibly expand on it. When I realized that nothing was out there to simulate this experience, I started to wonder why that was the case. Well as a 2D web app or mobile game it would be kind of boring; it would emulate the classic drag and drop experience. Similar to moving files in google drive — not exactly that fun of an experience. What really makes legos fun is the tangible aspect, not pressing a button but the ability to pick things up and place them with your hands. So with LeapMotion and Processing, I created an app that allows you to hover your hands over a LeapMotion sensor and build things with lego-like structures, I call them bricks. Although a very simple idea, I ended up learning a lot. I worked through 3D rendering on a 2D screen, how different software apps have different representations of 3d space. I learned about balancing what is mathematically correct with what visually makes sense, especially in regards to a user interface. Additionally I learned how to scale things to size, in a way that’s comparable to the actual feel ;of working with legos. I also gained experience working with matrix transformations which is kind of required when working with Processing in 3D