I would describe my interests as largely undecided, but tentatively somewhere in the novel spectrum. I’m interested in basically everything because working with new technologies already sounds like a dream, but usually, I only enjoy coding if I can see tangible results.

I think new technologies define our current culture; new apps and social media sites are huge and are only growing in importance. Furthermore, new technologies are developed in response to the identifiable needs of society, so in a way, culture also shapes the way that new technologies are developed.

Although this isn’t technical in the traditional sense, I once had an art teacher who, by trying to be novel, defied the “fat over lean” rule in oil painting by using acrylic over undried oil paint. She said that a few years later, her painting started falling apart in her customer’s room, which is a really straightforward instance of novel art not aging well. The field of computer science is constantly evolving; technologies that were new and exciting a decade ago could be outdated today because other people have built better and more efficient versions of that very technology (for example, MySpace is very, very dead now even though it tries not to be). I’m not quite sure what the “last word art” could ever be for technology because it’s evolving so quickly without showing any signs of slowing down.