This is MOMENTUM by the studio schnellebuntebilder! For this piece, they used the tools vvvv, Max, Ableton Live, Microsoft Kinect 2, and TimlinerSA Next Generation. I think it’s incredible how they were able to deconstruct the human form into mere particles and create a form that is still strongly representational. Even when he breaks apart into fragments, the colors of the particles still indicate what once was. My favorite moment of the video was when he walked right past the camera, and all of the minuscule blocks came into view so you could see exactly what he was made of. It’s also equally amazing when, near the end, the person appears to be composed of light and dust. The light is sometimes beautiful and gentle, and sometimes aggressive and sharp, which dictated how I read his movements, even though they were mostly the same.

Below are some gifs of this amazing piece.