conye – UnityEssentials


  • Unity crashed every time I clicked on the main camera and made me want to remove myself and my wheezing computer from the world
  • Something I learned from unity crashing every 3 seconds – changes to the assets will remain even if you didnt save
  • Updated unity to the newest version and everything is good again
  • Note to add colliders to everything so that things don’t start falling away and make me think there’s a glitch because I wasted a lot of time on that 🙁
  • Note to adjust the quality settings
  • Lights to mixed or baked to optimize if possible
  • Don’t forget to turn on shadows or it looks weird
  • Non-render non-dynamic objects to static
  • I chose colors I thought were more fUn than his but then his result was much better looking so in the future I should probably decide on a ~ mood ~ and make a color scheme first before I make assets because its a huge hassle to make a lot of changes at the end.


  • Cmd v to snap
  • Cmd d to duplicate
  • right – wasdeq to move

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chapter 13

chapter 14!! it moves!! so exciting

chapter 15