conye – ARProject

So my concept is:

Secret Base – make an AR room that only exists in one geolocation and is only available to you and your friends. You have to build it from ground up with a room builder.

This was my personal todo list for the project:

  • implement firebase user auth and database to get the friend system working
    • todo later:
    • fix security rules to not everyone can read/write
    • add a sign out feature
    • figure out authorization persistence
  • figure out how to use vuforia user defined targets / uploading image targets from a camera
  • figure out geolocation with mapbox probably??
  • try to add uConstruct
    • ask golan to help me pay $30 for uConstruct

What I have currently is a working user authorization system and database.

Basic Vuforia setup is working!

Above is a screenshot of the current database. It’s just two people, Connie and connie. They’re ordered by user ids, and contain- lists of friends, personal friend code, and a list of furniture and their info.

Questions for the presentation:

  • I also would like some aesthetic direction
  • does anyone know anything about dynamically uploading vuforia image targets
  • build base in 3d view? or first person view? build in blank world or in AR?
  • only one person can edit the base at a time to reduce confusion? or multiple users can edit at a time?