This blog is about the work of Alex Dragulescu, Malwarez.  To see his page on the collection, click here.  The project shows visualizations of malware, such as worms, viruses, Trojan horses, visualizing them by how they operate.  The artist says he examines the density, frequency, and grouping of memory calls, subroutine calls, and so on.  I admire this piece, because it brings an abstract notion of a “virus” in a computer to a more tangible creation that truly looks like it could be a virus or some simple organism.

MSNthreat trojan (2011), Malware Series by Alex Dragulescu

This piece in particular stood out to me because of the distinct, bullet-head shape of the creature.  Based on how he described his work, his pieces seem to have an effective complexity that leans more to order.  Malware is designed with significant intent, and so a lot of what describes it is indeed quite logical.  Many of works have a highly ordered structure.