fatik – Reading01

It definitely feels like a lot of ideas have been covered and nothing is original anymore. The amount of exploration and practice that has been done till now makes it seem like there is nothing new that can be created. To a degree, I feel this way but at the same time something that might have been done “first” was inspired and influenced by something that had already existed as well.

The technologies we are exposed to now is something maybe older generations will have a harder time comprehending because it’s so new. At the same time whatever was popular and new back before I was even born is considered a novelty to me personally because I didn’t get to experience it at its peak. Like Naimark states, “It’s noteworthy that 16mm film once occupied the niche of the experimentalist until video came along, and video held the niche until the Web” I think that it’s not really about what was first and what is to come more or less that they influence each other and that there is a preservation of and also a rediscovery of. This spectrum of First Word Art and Last Word Art feels like a cycle – like the apple trees that have been cut down for the fruit (Naimark). It’s important to remember that the seeds which need planting and nurturing for the new generation of fruit to grow come from the previous apples.

I’m really interested in the remixing of the different apple generations. I see past works as guidance and inspiration where this rise in technology is another tool to explore and express. I think that’s why I’m so interested in the juxtaposition of the digital and analog.