fatik – reading2

1B. There is a method in screen printing where one can print an image by layering cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. From a distance the print just looks like a photograph, but when you look close up, you can see the separation and dots of the different colors. It’s how the pixels on a screen are red, green, and blue but shows images. I think it’s interesting how what can be made and shown can look really random but when you zoom in, the pixels and layers are always the same (total order).

2B. The Problem of Creativity : When I think of computers, creativity is not the first thing that comes in mind. I also questioned and wondered how a computer could enhance creativity for artists. After taking multiple classes and attending a school that’s tech heavy, I learned how freeing a set of rules can be. A generative system is not truly run by the computer itself because in a generative system the values and rules that are being written require human judgement. The artist is creating the set of rules that the computer is following. I think the most interesting part of a generative system is the fact that the outputs vary with how the system is used. The input is the computer but there are so many variations that I think it allows us to discover and explore. The fact that technology can allow us to discover and explore is so important in creative practices.