fatik – LookingOutwards02

Íñigo Quílez , like many new media artists, is not limited to one medium but works with different tools to make his work. He is  interested in mathematics, writing, computer graphics, and science. I was particularly interested in his 3D video work where he uses OpenGl and shader tools. Real time rendering and VJ tools are something I’ve been looking into and Inigo has a lot of helpful tutorials and examples within this genre. I love how he puts up all of his findings and shares them.

I really enjoy his Interactive work on his website where he puts up his code and the work is directly interactive on his website.

He has a series of helpful tools in coding, rendering techniques, fractals, algorithms, and many other of his experimentations on his website.

Link to techniques page: http://iquilezles.org/www/index.htm

Link to his website: http://iquilezles.org/index.html