This Looking Outwards post is about Komorebi!

Komorebi is the graduation project of Leslie Nooteboom, and it’s a program and product that generates natural light indoors. For example, it makes things like, the light through trees, window light, light through water, and the like and projects them. This project inspires me because I really really love the things it makes. I love staring at little light patches that appear indoors. Additionally, this project is similar to what I wanted to make for my final project back when I took 15-112, but the TA said it would be too simple to just generate window reflections. I think the product is lovely in it’s execution; the generated light is very convincing and beautiful, and the product itself is simple and elegant. There’s currently no way to try out the product, so going off the video for it, I’d say a lacking part would be the inclusion of light filtering through water. Of the shown light projection, that one is the least convincing, and it also doesn’t fit in with the project’s goal of natural indoor light. I also find it mildly ironic and amusing that Nooteboom talks about this project using artificial light came about to solve the increase in only artificial lighting indoors.