I really like the AR Super Mario Bros made by Abhishek Singh. His documentation can be watched here:

I love this project because the idea is fun, and recently because I’ve been much more active in Parkour Club than before the idea of running around and jumping and doing wall jumps and stuff is very appealing. Also, this project kind of reminds me of Pokemon Go, which for all its flaws, was so exciting and the month that it came out was one where I was the happiest and most excited I’ve been in quite a while. The graphics are also very well integrated and look nice. Although I imagine the game might be a bit disorienting/overwhelming to play. Additionally, it makes it kind of hard to see where you’re going and it’d be pretty easy to run into people or things while playing this. He doesn’t have a ton of documentation or explanation. The project was built just by him in Unity 3D and Fusion360 and used a Hololens.