Okay so my idea was to make an AR buddy that would be kinda rude/avoidant in that it would hang around you all the time and talk constantly at you and bother you, but as soon as you try to say anything to or look at it, it’d turn away and ignore you. So these functions were all achieved. I also wanted to animate the model to look more natural and also have it go to sleep whenever there was a good plane detected, however both of these didn’t work out because I had a lot of trouble making maya features translate to unity (this is also why my blobby dude is such a strange color), and I didn’t have to time this week to learn to rig and animate in unity. So all in all, I’m happy I did the main thing I set out to do, but regret how this project still feels quite minimal.

Special thanks to Miyehn my buddy who talked about ideas with me and Zbeok, who’s speech project mildly inspired this and also the Boos in the Mario games.