The question of how cultures and new technologies shape each other remind me of discussions I have had in another class on technological determinism. Is it because of the explosion of technologies that there seems to be a shift of focus from expertise to novelty? Is it because of the invention of sound film, that “the level of art went down”?

My answer for these questions is no. I like to think of “first word art“ and “last word art“ as a continuous narrative. “Last word art” doesn’t establish its rules overnight; some might be “first word art“ in the beginning. The “first word art“ forms that we see a lot nowadays might become a classic in the future, but before that there must be a process of polish and change. As modern technology becomes more and more flexible and accessible to the art world, it starts to be used as a language, a medium. Thus, as a new medium in trails, technology will inevitably and necessarily produce lots of first word art which might be deemed low quality. I don’t think this necessarily means technology is causing the deterioration of art. I think of it more as the start of a long revolution.