(In Progess)

I have made a lot of progress towards my idea for a complete app. Below are some GIFs showing the core features I’ve been able to develop so far, including loading an inventory of words to find based on a given poem, recognizing photographs words and checking them off that list, and having a working cycle for a new game.

This demo is using the first three lines from e. e. cumming’s “anyone lived in a pretty town how.”

Working Inventory:

This inventory still needs to be formatted correctly, including for iOS. (This was one of the bug that prevented me from demoing my progress on an iPhone.) Additionally, it needs to alphabetize or otherwise scramble the words of the given poem. It also is currently splitting up the .txt file incorrectly and missing words that begin with punctuation [like “(with”] . It also needs to be able to accommodate longer poems, ideally by generating multiple pages of inventory.


Takes Pictures and Crosses Words Off List:

This I’m not sure if it’s working on iOS yet. Ideally, taking a photo will be accompanied by an animation to indicate whether or not a desired word was found. If one is not, I would like to include some fading stars or some other indicating of failure. If one is found, I would like to animate a star or a sparkle travelling over to the inventory icon.

Recognizes when all the words have been found and offers start of a new game:

Ideally, the inventory would open first and display all the found words, then have a smoother transition to the poem displayed in full. I would like to accommodate the completed-poem page with an audio file reading the poem to the player.

One of the worries I had about this idea was that it was fairly easy to cheat on this game by loading words on another screen and snapping pics of them. Fortunately through playtesting this, I realized that the camera has a tough time looking at and reading from a digital screen, and that’s frustrating enough that I think it will it discourage cheating, at least immediately.

Thanks to my buddy Peter and my friends in the STUDIO.