Recently, I read “How Music Works” by David Byrne, lead singer of Talking Heads.  When thinking about how new technology influences culture, I find myself thinking about the first chapter of this book, “Creation in Reverse”, wherein Byrne discusses how venues influence the music that is composed to be performed in them.  I found this compelling as when I typically think about technology emerging to influence music, I think more in terms of new instruments and recording technology rather than how and where it is performed.  This perspective is interesting in defining last word art that survives time.  It raises the question if art needs to survive outside of the original context it was made for to be considered “last word.” I personally think there is a difference in making a piece that refines the fixed rules and survives the test of time.  Similarly, I think a piece can be made that is not “last word”, yet is still able to be appreciated in the future.