I think that trees demonstrate effective complexity. They have a certain mathematical way that they grow, creating a fractal appearance in their branches. However, there is also a certain degree of randomness that makes each tree unique in the way that it eventually forms.

One problem that I find myself facing in my own practice is The Problem of Meaning, “Can and should generative art be about more than generative systems?” I find that there is a lot of beauty and potential that can be made through generative systems. For me, I can appreciate a technically impressive generative piece, but within my own works, I want it to hold more meaning than just the way that it was composed. I agree that generative art should instead simply be viewed as a way to make art. It can then be imbued with the meaning the artist desires, even if that meaning is simply to demonstrate the generative properties. Showing the inherent beauty in a process is not something specific to generative art and can be seen throughout other materials.