Judging a book by its cover ~creatyde & ookey

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For our project, we decided to extend books beyond just their covers.  Rather than having the books exist in 2d space, we extended their existence into 3d using models that are image mapped to some unique book covers.  Further, we wanted to utilize the location of a library and the limitations it places on sound.  Although libraries are associated with silence, these books literally speak through sound that increases the closer you get to them.  The sound is also spatialized so it will move from the left to the right channels depending on the phone’s perspective. We also wanted to use the setting of a library and various genres of books to make these books seem like hidden sculptures that could be found throughout the shelves.  In the context of a library, they appear just like any other book.  Through AR, however, they are revealed to be much more.  Despite the different genres of books we selected, each one brings about powerful mental images, whether it is disco or micro-organisms.