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Casey Reas

Casey Reas is the co-founder of Processing and is a professor at UCLA Design Media Arts. His work involves conceptualizing the constraints of code and experimenting with the beautiful forms that code can create. In his artwork, there are many generative patterns consisting of geometry and color. It is impressive that he can generate artworks with code and has the human touch. In his “Process” pieces, many of them look like microbial cells, plant/skeletal-like, and even handmade. His art can act as prints and paintings – evoking emotion, even though raw electronics can be very cold.

Examples of his Art:

(2017 Music Video he directed)

In his “Process” series, Casey Reas creates art with limits. In “Process 18,” he instructs programmer to begin with lines of varying grey values and intentionally breaks it by adding color.

(Process 18) | Additional Artwork by Casey Reas