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Bouquet – Synesthetic olfactory device to detect color through fragrance

Bouquet is a device that pushes out fragrances and smells related to the color once it passes by images with different colors. The device is an extension of the olfactory system, ad delivers a version of augmented reality. The cone shaped device has an optical sensor built on its tip which can recognize different colors using Arduino. Inside the bottom of the cone is a stepper motor controlled disc that turns pads with scents, such as a strawberry soaked cotton pad. ECAL’s Bachelor Media and Interaction Design Students created color posters that people can experience the device with. I enjoy this project because smell is usually uncommon with art projects but having a olfactory component with digital inputs is pretty delightful. I also think that it doesn’t necessary have to be digital – the paper itself with the colors could emit fragrances by itself physically.