phiaq – ARTech

I’ll have some more later; here I got Vuforia to detect my personal physical photos and I had example models/images added on there, as well as particle systems and lights. My tech problem to fix right now is detecting my physical photos (which only had 2 stars) and adding a scene onto it. Even though my picture was only 2 stars, it could be detected.

Eventually, I want to create a scene (not sure if it will be navigable yet with interactions (such as colliders, etc.) with audio. animations, particles, lights, and 3D models to set the mood. Here are some tutorials that will help me later on and is a refresher.


Physical photo

I made my physical picture (scanned) higher contrast so Vuforia can detect it better


Detects it

I’ve put some models, material, point light, particles on it, to see if it would pop up once Vuforia tries to detect it.

UPDATE I got video to overlay on the image target. I have to create a material with the video that will be decoded, and add it the material renderer. After that, I have to add it to the video player and then drag all the video into the material.

Video is on the left (with the city landscape) and the right (me and kerjos’s last project)Next, I will see if audio and video will work, as well as finding out how to make it high resolution