Soft Landscapes By  George Buckenham (@v21), 2016


Soft Landscapes is a twitter bot that tweets out a new, generative landscape every 6 hours. I heard about this project a while ago at George Buckenham’s STUDIO lecture, and was reminded of it when we learned about Perlin noise in class.

I admire the work because the results are so simple and calming. It’s always pleasant to see a soft landscape in your twitter feed. I would guess that the landscapes themselves are generated using Perlin noise to form the mountain ranges, and a different gradient of two colors is randomly chosen for each new mountain. It doesn’t seem as if the colors are totally random, it looks as if  there is some thought put into how the different colors come together in the ranges. There also definitely is a range of mountains, so probably several different y coordinates are used in determining where to put a mountain range. The work has organized randomness to it – the mountain ranges are random in and of themselves, but the layering back into the distance must be deliberate.