One of my favorite things in the world is the work of Jerobeam Fenderson on YouTube. Jerobeam creates sound files that, when plugged into an oscilloscope, generate really amazing visuals. They don’t just sync up with the sound, they *are* the sound. I love this work because the visuals are so complex and beautiful, and it’s incredible how good the music is as well. It feels like watching and listening to psychedelic math.

My critique of the work is that Jerobeam often relies on psychedelic imagery and cliché dubstep However, this tendency gives personality to the channel, and still the videos are all pure representation of mathematical sound.

Jerobeam was likely inspired by early oscilloscope artists, such as Ben Laposky (work pictured below) in 1952. The visuals of Jerobeam’s videos often look straight out of a 1950’s oscilloscope artwork.