Lampix is an AR projector for tables, desks, and counters. This product is modeled after a lamp, as expressed by the first two thirds of its name, but the piece of design extends  beyond conventional light-emitting furniture to depict a digital interface on flat surfaces (the second half of its name).

“Think of [Lampix] as a new pedigree of computing devices… it’s a totally new paradigm; it’s a totally new concept.” Stripped Linux as a processor for text and HTML5 overlays, could have innovative benefits for curious minds wondering about breadbox-sized objects. And this contextual skin will even allow for a set of throwback interactions to the days before keyboards. But the most impressive feat of this augmentation is the ability to withhold information from a user with incorrect posture.

What are the next steps for tabletop augmentation? As a practicing futurist, I firmly believe the integration of “Ok Google” is on this Kickstarter’s horizon. But unfortunately as a craftsperson, physical tools, analogous to a mouse, a keyboard, or a touchbar, will likely be replaced by individualized and unversed cv recognition of micro expressions.