Radio Garden – Radio in the age of globalization and digitization
Created by Studio Puckey & Moniker

Project website:

This research project incorporates ideas related to “migration, cultural identities, encounters and memories” in the form of an interactive radio listening application. The team responsible for creating this piece was interested in representing a borderless globe, one that is interconnected and globalized. I admire the way they encapsulate contemporary and relevant topics that transcend most disciplines into an artwork. They gathered their satellite imagery from Microsoft Bing, and implemented TerriaJS software to tap into radio stations across the globe. They also used Google’s Time zone API to gather time zone information. They used Kirby to develop the website. The piece reminds me of Zach Lieberman’s Land Lines in the sense that it is a web application that uses satellite imagery to connect distant parts of the globe. This project points to many future opportunities that use an abundance of artifacts and pieces of information to piece together one cohesive project.

Here are some screenshots from the website:


Here’s a video from Vimeo:

Here’s an animated GIF: