“Armory Captures” (2015), Smart Objects

“Armory Captures” is an artwork that creates an augmented reality gallery space of the 2015 Armory Show. The work uses the phone application 123Dcatch to create 3D scans of the physical artworks that would appear in AR format in his show. When a visitor enters the gallery, they are prompted to use their phones to scan QR codes on the walls that are linked to the artwork of the Armory show. Thus, visitors can virtually engage with the gallery space and the pieces that were displayed in the Armory Show. This piece makes me think about accessibility related to art and the exclusivity that prevents many people from art venues. When significant artworks are transformed into this format, it has the potential to bring art to communities and populations that would otherwise not have access to such works. The piece also makes me think about the reproduction of artwork. Unlike photography, AR and VR can provide spatial and 3-dimensional data about a piece. Thus, it comes closer to providing an experience of the real object. The relationship between authenticity and accessibility, as is present here, is interesting to think about.