I find my relationship to technology and art somewhat tenuous. I came into CMU deeply interested in art, and not so much technology and as I have been here those two have swapped, and are swapping back again. For awhile I've viewed technology as a toolkit for art separating the two, but being at CMU has made be realise that in this niche of combining the two, they are one and the same. Advances in technology are advances in art, and art advances technology through experimentation. I compare this to the inception of ideas. Our clock project provides the same baseline, with the same technology available to all of us who undertake it, and yet each of us find new ways to piece together what we are given into entirely different and new manifestations.

However, I've also been struggling with the novelty of what we make. This concept of the first word art really jars with me. I fully accept and acknowledge the experimentation, but at the same time my conception of art/my interest in art history is framed by completed works that leave an impact on the timeline of art. But I also recognize that each novel thing we make leaves an impact on us as creators, something I forget far too often as I make work for assignments rather than for growing myself as an artist.