To me personally, I definitely value "First Word Art" more, not only because of it's originality but also because it's ability to shape what art will follow closely after. First of all, since there isn't really an expiration date for art, as more and more works are created, it only becomes harder for any artist to come up with something that is considered "new". Thus, even the attempt in creating First Word Art is in itself a accomplishment. More importantly, if a new First Word Art had been created, that means it will set the new standard for the works that come after. It will become the source of comparison that everything else is judged against. What this means is that, whether intended or not, First Word Art is empowered to shape the culture at least within the artistic realm. Therefore, in that sense I believe First Word Art is more valuable although both First Word Art and Last Word Art are important forms of art.


Although I find the notion of first word art and last word art interesting, I am of the belief that everything is inspired by something and that no work of art is exactly the same as the next. Therefore, it is hard for me to locate a position even along the spectrum since I see it more as a continuum of thought constantly going forward and back, following and breaking form. Even direct copy and pasted code can be different due to the creator, intention, or context in which it was made. This being said, in such a fast paced and constantly changing technological society, novelty is a quality highly valued by a lot of people. Typically, novelty for the sake of novelty does not age well; however, when novelty comes about in the process of creating something one is extremely passionate about or during the process of problem solving, the chances for that technology aging well is greater. Overall, I believe that it is difficult to confine any art form into specific categories for there are so many possibilities and outliers that need to be considered especially regarding the topic of novelty in technology.