Machine Drawings by Ken Rinaldo is a series of drawings that were created from 3D models that were compressed to be nearly 2D and drawn with a rapidly prototyping printer robot. The drawings are then hand painted and embellished. What interested me the most about this piece was the relationship between chaos and order. While the printer robot does its best in copying things perfectly, there are still unknown variables causing machine flaws that are sometimes beautiful, although unplanned. This clash of media makes for some extremely abstract looking and vaguely familiar subjects. The person's outline is very distinct and unmistakable, but when other factors come into play, such as someone's clubbed foot, the drawing seems to draw that feature out way more in an interesting way. In some way, I would like to see how the project would have looked if it had entirely been 3D, but I'm glad overall that the work was compressed into being 2D although it was originally from 3D models. That was the only way to have created such specific and abstract drawings.