I chose to make a clock that looked like nothing more than an ordinary video. The way it works is the bottle of water is drank over the course of an hour, meaning that the level of the water gives you an idea for how far into the hour it is (the height of the water resets to the bottom of the label). The hours are indicated by the street lights. Reading from the closest stop light as the most significant digit, you can read the hour in binary from the color of each consecutive light. Both of these functions can be manipulated by the user by typing 1-4 to change the color of each respective light, and 5 to take a sip.  The most challenging part of this project was figuring out a way to organize and execute longer animations from a sequence of images. The gif above shows how each layer can be isolated and animated independently . I like that this clock doesn't reveal itself easily. I tried to present it as a single shot, as if it were a live video recording of real events. And although these events seem to be happening over time, time never passes in this scene.

I made these car assets because I originally planned on including them as a component of the clock. I may spend more time in the future to get this working.

These gifs show how the empty road was constructed from pieces of a long video, over time.