Control your line segment by moving your mouse in the bottom left, collaborate with other line segments, avoid obstacles and get the gold!


Each player is a single line segment, which changes size and rotation based on the location of the mouse or finger. Everyone shares the same goal, but plays a slightly different role in achieving it. As the end segment, your job is often to shrink so as to give the other players room to move, and then finish off the task to get the gold. As the base, you carry a lot of responsibility, and can mess everyone up at any moment. Thus, the roles are subtly complementary. The gameplay is highly synchronous, with time coordination required for many of the obstacles. Despite this, it really doesn't matter if players share a physical space or not. It was fun, however, to have everyone looking at the same computer screen while playing with their fingers on their phones. There is no real critique of the medium, ideally the medium is ignored.