A kitchen chat room where you show up as a chair. Inspired by my own kitchen, where my roommates and friends have had many long nights of fun chats, deep talks, and laughs. Also doubles as a place where chairs can comfortably hang out with other chairs.



The regular chair is taken directly from my kitchen, but in this digital kitchen, you can be any chair you want. 

Kitchen Chat v1 (New):  Use arrow keys to move around!
Kitchen Chat V0 (Broken) :

(Different possibilities of chairs)



Sept 28:I wanted this chat room to be a literal room where users could move around and chat with each other. However, one of the biggest obstacles was getting the images to load correctly. In addition, I had a lot of trouble keeping track of who was in the room--as such, when a new user joins a room, they won't see people who arrived previously, but users can see new people joining the room live. To be continued.

Oct 2 Update: 
The chat works! Used the template as a base, instead of the drawing template. Helped a lot, since I realized the template solved all my previous problems with users showing up. The hardest part was learning how it worked, and understanding the socket code. Will be adding new chairs (currently only 3), and a prettier log in page, including explanations for each chair) soon.