Trucker Chat:

Chatroom for Incoherent CB Radio Communication Between "Truckers"



In the beginning phases of working on this project my ambitions were much higher, possibly wanting to work with Spotify/music APIs and drum machines. However, I quickly decided that I just wanted to make something simple and fun to allow me to spend time learning and experimenting with new techniques, features etc. A constant concept through my process, has been the idea of equal roles between all users. When text is manipulated and messed with to a point of incoherence, it really puts all users on the same level of not understanding what's going on and having a good laugh. Experimenting with Rita and regex really shaped most of this project because I was mainly text focused and had also never used either one of those ever before. Although there are a lot of bugs and the project could be a lot more, I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. (Also all of the trucker slang is real, here is a breakdown of what most of it means)

Trucker Slang Meanings