Sepho – Clock

For my clock I chose to create a clock that doesn't tell people what time it is, it tells people what time it 'feels like.' When planning for this project I began thinking a lot on how weirdly arbitrary and meaningless measuring time really was. It was interesting to think of how we need this abstraction of miscellaneous systems such as the earths rotation to keep order in our lives. What interested me the most about our measurements of time was how absent subjectivity and the humanistic experience of time were from these measurements. With my clock my goal was to subvert the objective, factual nature of "clock" and how we view it. Suddenly time is something subjective and fickle with absolutely no foundations in reality.

For my process I really wanted to keep the actual clock pretty simple and let the idea do the talking, and I learned that for me, keeping things simple is the most complex thing ever. In order to replicate the face of a digital clock I had to draw my own font out of shapes and in order to get the average between times I needed to convert times to degrees on a circle.

Ideally, this clock would exist as any other clock would, for example as a simply alarm clock on a night-stand. I really enjoy the idea of taking something so personal such as what time it "feels" and presenting as fact by putting it on a clock.