Although I recognize the importance of first word art, I generally enjoy last word art more. I think this is because in many ways I'm comforted by its traditional nature and find it easier to appreciate the master of craft that is associated with it.

Technologies have an extraordinary impact on culture. One particularly interesting example of this is how modern technology shapes the way we absorb culture. The methods of consumption, instagram, facebook, youtube, affect how we interpret modern culture and therefore the content itself. On the flip side, culture has a tremendous affect on our technology. In particular, America's culture of capitalism and innovation has shaped Silicon Valley's endless drive to innovate, to both negative and positive effects.

I think that when work is technologically novel it ages poorly because work made in new media can't help but be scrappy. No one knows how to use the media yet so the craft is inevitably poor. Making something the second time around is bound to be better simply from learning from the original works' process.