Speculation subverts itself in the overwhelming hodgepodge of digital media that is constantly being produced. Spectacle attempts to elevate above it in order to be considered refined and immortal.

Marco Brambilla's Civilization is interesting in the sense that it takes various spectacles from movies and hodgepodges it into speculation. It is overwhelming by design and almost mocks the artwork it's made out of by stereotyping all items into either heaven, hell or somewhere in between. Based on the dichotomies Warburton presents, it could be categorized as digital acceleration, visible, surplus (in the sense that it's reveling in it's overwhelming nature), art, and dysfunction.

I really like this artwork because it makes a familiar image out of works that are trying to be original and insightful. In other words, it displays how every new item that we as a society tries to produce simply fits within an ancient image of heaven and hell. As much as we can try to escape our traditional concepts of the world, it will follow us.