Project: Pinokio

Creator: Adam Ben-Dror, Joss Doggett

Year: 2012-2014

This is one of my favorite physical computing projects that I have come across. It stands out for a couple reasons. First, the simple yet charming concept of a moving lamp allowed the creators to do a lot with a little. Second, the project is executed and documented outstandingly. Third, the attention to detail, such as when the lamp turns itself back on after being turned off, is exceedingly clever and adds another dimension of perceived life to the item.

I also like how this project is highly interactive. It's wonderful to see the joy on the onlookers faces as they approach and play with the lamp. The concept of a moving lamp is nothing new. However, the way that the creator was able to bring it to life in a high fidelity and accessible manner is really admirable. Some day I aspire to make an interactive piece of art as compelling as this one.