conye – 2D Physics

Dinfinite Dog

A dog hanging from a chain of hands, where the gravity in game is affected by the gyroscope data of the mobile device. On impact with the wall, small creatures will pop out!

Although I had originally wanted to build a dog-builder game (depicted below), I ended up with something rather different. I’m still happy with how it turned out, because I learned a lot about Unity’s physics engine and still made something that I find novel to interact with. At first, I wasn’t fond of how the body parts of the dog could move out of the place with each other and distort the dog body, but now I’m happy that it adds an element of surprise and makes the dog more dynamic.

My rough final draft of the project didn’t include the fluffy, springy walls and instead had rigid, unmoving walls. This iteration of the app looked very violent because it was essentially just a dog smashing against the walls.  However, I received a lot of a good feedback (such as fluffy walls + springs on the wall colliders + dog face blinking animation) during crit that made the game a lot dog-friendlier.

Thank you to Lukas for help with the dog’s torso shader, to Tat for her help on the visual look, and to Grey and Aman for their advice on the swinging dog!

Documentation pictures

I had originally hoped to make a dog builder application, as depicted below. Because it was physics based, I thought the idea of using real mobile to influence gravity would be a neat interaction, so I built most of my program around the idea of a blob of flesh swinging around on a rope. Users would then be able to add dog parts to the blob of flesh, making many permutations of a dog.

Early prototype of the app; I built the dog’s body from colliders in Unity.

Some assets I drew for this app.