Heart monitor from camera feed from Marisa Lu on Vimeo.

I can calculate people’s heart rate from someone’s finger over the phone’s rear camera with flash turned on. But what should I do with this heart rate?

Posting social media with heart rates tagged in

^ I find this completely….un-compelling. What’s a simple but elegant use of heart rate?

I’m wary of using it as a way to create visuals, because as often seems to be the case, the system is more creative than whatever traditional form of art it produces.

turning heart rate into a visualization, but really it’s just data into ink blobs that are kind of arbitrary and meaningless to me. What use is this visualization? For me, the humanity of the heart rate is gone in this.

Heart bot turning pulse into art

Kyle Machulis’s shared thumb kiss app makes me wonder if meditating to the hear beat of your partner might be an interesting experience. Get some of that Taptic Engine action here with the above heart program. There’s something elegant about holding someone’s heart in the palm of your hand. Ok. Maybe more cheesy, but there’s plenty of angles to take this.

The benefit of meditating in pairs

While not entirely similar, but still in the realm of pulses and beats and body signals —

Electro-neurographic signals to morse code from Marisa Lu on Vimeo.