a — event proposal

Event Project

I am interesting in capturing horizontal planes of commonality across disparate / disconnected human existences in the world.

To express this desire, I will use live camera feeds from around the world, extract semantic/significant/poignant/interesting features, and place them in a single space, a World Playhouse

how ± capture

I plan on using implementations of real-time multi-person pose estimation to extract live pose-skeletons from webcams in selected spaces around the world.

how ± media artiface

To visualise the pose-skeletons, I plan on creating a World Playhouse. Within the Playhouse, I will map the captured pose-skeletons to avatars. Inter-avatar interactions, the horizontal threads connecting these distant, originally non-overlapping rooms, will be amplified, through as-yet-undeterminded methods including but not limited to — physics, ragdoll physics.