I am interested in intimate spaces. I’m interested in places where we stash things, hide things, forget things. I’m interested in the topography of our top drawers.

Gaston Bachelard wrote, in his book The Poetics of Space (1957/1964), about the “topography of our intimate being.” He wrote about the phenomenology of attics, basements(cellars), nests, cabinets, drawers, and the house as a whole.

I would like to create a system with which to immerse a viewer in the landscape of someone’s top drawer. This could be a top drawer of a desk, or dresser, or kitchen. I know, personally, that the back of the top drawer is often a place of hidden things, and whenever I move homes (which in the past decade has been all too often), I am always surprised at what I find there when packing up my belongings.

Technically, I am interested in figuring out a way to create a 3D scan of the contents and space of a top drawer, and I would like to place this in a 3D viewer, ideally a Google Cardboard, where a person could have an intimate, immersive encounter with this often overlooked but richly revealing space.