I’ve been working with data from a shoot I did recently in the Panoptic Studio (PhD project in Robotics and CS). The Panoptic Studio is a dome with 480 VGA cameras, 30+ HD cameras, 10 Kinect, hardware-based sync, and calibration for multi-person motion capture.

The output is in the form of skeletons (like traditional mocap), and also dense point clouds that can be meshed. I filmed two dancers in this dome, and am working on ways to express the data, primarily working with the point clouds and meshing these to create an animation.

The event I’d be capturing is the interaction between the two dancers. I’m interested in this as a prototype for understanding how to work with this data, as there is not much documentation on it. I’ve been working with this data using Meshlab and Blender, but am interested in potentially working with OF to create spheres on the individual points in the point cloud, to create usable geometry.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far: